Tipped in Reflection | Soft & Durable Press-On Nails


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Reflect on how stunning you will look with this twist on a classic manicured look. The silver-colored tip gives your manicure just enough shine that they look absolutely elegant, while the base color smooths out the sharp silver. Not only are these press-on nails easy to use, they are also high quality, making your manicure look amazing. You’ll love not having to go to a salon to get a beautiful manicure, so grab a set today and let your manicure reflect your beauty to the world.

* In the set: 28 nails in 14 sizes, non-toxic liquid glue, non-toxic gel adhesive tabs, cuticle stick and nail file.

* Good to know: Cruelty free, Non-toxic, Apply in seconds, Reusable

• Made in China • Weight: 0.96 oz (27.22 g)

• Product Materials: Nontoxic and Reusable

• Production: Cruelty-free

APPLICATION: Begin with clean, natural nails. Press cuticles back with cuticle stick to desired shape. Select the best fitting nail for each finger and set aside in order.
  1. Apply a layer of glue to the back of the Bon Art Nail and to your natural nail.
  2. Press and hold Bon Art Nail to natural nail for 30+ seconds ensuring the entire Bon Art Nail receives pressure.
  3. Trim the ends with a nail file, then customize the length and shape using nail tools, if needed.


Alternatively, use the provided non-toxic gel adhesive tabs based on your personal preference.

When you use liquid glue, apply enough glue to avoid air pockets, secure Bon Art nail properly, and extend wear time. The more glue applied, the longer the nails will stay on. Immediately use a cloth or nail brush to remove excess glue if over gluing occurs. Do not use if nail is inflamed or infected.

REMOVAL: Bon Art Nails will typically last for 7-14 days and will naturally release when glue bond weakens. Should you wish to remove prior to this, gently push under the Bon Art Nail to lift sides. Soaking in warm soapy water may be helpful to avoid damage and best preserve your set.

CAUTION: Nail glue can bond skin and eyes instantly. Keep away from the reach of children. If in eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical advice.